#40 Veronica Cerri


I’m very happy to host Veronica this week because she did sometimes amazing in a very short time! Actually i asked her to join the project Sunday evening, the original scheduled illustrator couldn’t do it after all (that happens, illustrators are busy people, i hope we will make it another time). Any way i’m very happy to welcome her in the Fika Family. I want to thank her for his reactivity and this shows us how talented she is! You can give a look to her work on her Website and Tumblr but also follow her activities on Facebook and Twitter.

« Choosing a movie or a music it’s such a difficult task. Mine is a vintage kit based on memories and the affective value of items who were milestones as the years passed by

MovieThe Rope by Alfred Hitchcock. The love for movies was inherited from my family, if there is an old black and white movie I’m compelled to watch. The soothing voices of the actors dubbing it , the elaborate speeches, the impeccable stylish look of the actors just bring me in another world. The rope is little big masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock, the movie is conceived like a theatrical pieces with no interruptions in the flow of narration. Perfect for a lazy sunday on the couch.

BookKeep the aspidistra flying by George Orwell. In my bookshelf I have an old worn-out copy of this book given by a friend of mine with a nice inscription inside that always make me smile. The book takes place in London in the 30’s and tells the story about an aspiring young writer who refused a conventional life. I fell in love with the book in the first chapter where every word is carefully chosen to describe the complex universe of the main character.

RecordLove’s easy tears by Cocteau Twins. When I Was a child I absorbed whatever my brothers were listening to, lucky they had a wide range of tastes. I’ve chosen an EP that represent for me an hidden gem: Love’s easy tears by the Cocteau Twins. I just adore the gothic dreamy mood of this music, it remembers me of my brother listening to Elizabeth Frase

Recipe : « Cutissa ». Cutissa is a cake that my grandmother use to make when I was a child, basically it’s a huge fried apple cake.

Wheat Flour 200gr

Milk 180gr

Butter (to fry)

3 Eggs

1 Lemon zest

Powdered Sugar

In a large bowl, stir together flour, milk and eggs. Chop the apples in small pieces and put them with the other ingredients. Add the lemon zest, put the butter in a large pan over medium heat and fry the mixture on both sides for 10 minutes. Once done dust with some powdered sugar. »

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